Closet Queen

Closet Queen


Lavender Lady

Cashmere Sachet


One Size:  10" (Lying flat)
Price: $85

Shell: 100% cashmere.

  • Fill: Dried Lavender and 100% polyester.
  • Ribbon Bow
  • Hand Made in the USA of Pure Scottish cashmere
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Protect your treasured cashmere sweaters with this lavender filled sachet. Using lavender to repel clothes-moths is an old homemaker's trick. Sachets filled with lavender suspended in your closet or tucked in your drawers are said to protect cashmere and other woolens to help deter a moth invasion - moths loathe the smell of lavender. They will also leave a pleasant, soft scent behind. (Note:  Lavender will not deter a moth-hole disaster if the space is not free of them first)