Since 1999, Alvin & Sparky has been hand crafting cashmere toys and accessories for babies, children and parents alike.
Based in New York City,  the Company is owned by London-born designer Samantha Goldberg. Her successful modeling career led her all over the world, where she would always have her “lucky” cashmere sweater in-tow. Chided by a magazine editor for wearing a tattered, beat-up sweater, she sewed it into the shape of a puppy dog. Inspired by the results, Alvin & Sparky has been hand-making toys and accessories out of the highest quality Scottish cashmere ever since. 
Alvin & Sparky is a line of luxurious cashmere accessories based on the principles of comfort and comforting. Rich in warmth and color, these unique products are handmade from the finest Scottish cashmere, designed to pamper you and those you love.


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